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Vol. 3 No. 3 (2023): (Issue-May)

Published: 2023-05-31

Spatial Analysis of Landslide-Prone Areas in Damer District, Maluku Barat Daya Regency, Maluku Province

Henrich Rakuasa, Daniel Anthoni Sihasale, Philia Christi Latue, Yamres Pakniany, Juan Steiven Imanuel Septory


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The Effect Of Hardiness And Optimism On Career Adaptability In College Students

Syavira Nur Kamila, Nasywa Haraidha Surfia, Fatiyaturrahmah, Lucky Purwantini


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Power Relations in The Context of Unconventional Tin Mining in the PICE Dam Area, Lenggang Village

Rahul Ikhsan, Fitri Ramadhani Harahap , Herdiyanti


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The Effect of Coping Stress and Social Support on Learning Motivation

Lita Zahrah Nurahmah, Rismawati Suci, Nawasyi Asyari, Lucky Purwantini


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