Factors that Affecting the Acceptance of People in Indonesia Towards the Use of Online Marketplace Technology

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Natas Setiawan Rotib
Erly Nurmeida Silalahi
Ihda Ghea Adhiba
Rikhi Narang


Technology had been developed creatively and innovatively so that it affects buying and selling scheme for products or things. This subject towards the development of online buying and selling platform that generally known as Online Marketplace. The presence of the online market place has given much easiness for interaction between the seller and the buyer. This study analyzes the acceptance of online marketplace technology for the Indonesian People which utilizing the method of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) that had been modified and simplified to observe 3 (three) factors of the acceptance of technology, which is Preceived Usefulness, Preceived Ease of Use and Attitide toward Using. From the 93 (ninety three) respondents that fulfill the criteria of responding to the 14 (fourteen) items of question that was delivered, researcher had been succeded to analyze and conclude that the three of the hypothesis which will be proved, which are : the perceived of usefulness has positive and significant effect to the intention of the people to use the online marketplace, the ease of use is not having positive and significant effect toward the intention of people to use the online market place and that attitude toward using is having a positive and significantly effect toward the intention of the people on using online marketplace. Eventually, author suggests to have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding about the topics of the research, and future researcher, hopefully get more respondent and variables for the research

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