Attitudes Towards Utilising Mobile Banking Applications Among Generation Z Consumers in South Africa

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Moshele Koenaite
Eugine Maziriri
Tinashe Chuchu


In today’s post-modern era, the banking industry is becoming a digital rather than a physical system. Digital banking has been synonymous with the fourth industrial revolution making a notable impact on the African continent.  Therefore, the purpose of this research is to empirically investigate consumer attitudes towards mobile banking applications in South Africa. A positivist paradigm underpinned the study, and a descriptive design was employed. To test the proposed hypotheses a unique conceptual model was  developed. Non-probability sampling was adopted in selecting appropriate participants. A total of data was collected from 325 willing participants through an survey. In terms of analysis, SPSS n and AMOS were utilised to generate descriptive statistics and hypotheses testing.  The results established that attitudes towards mobile banking applications and actual use of mobile banking applications was the strongest relationship.  The empirical evidence presented in this study adds value to the existing research on mobile-banking within the 4th industrial revolution, particularly in South Africa, a largely under-researched area.

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