Article processing charge

Journal of Business and Management Review is an Open Access journal. Publishing and Submiting an article in Journal of Business and Management Review is free for charges upon acceptance of the article for publication

The usual and regular manuscript process of Editing, Reviewing, Copyediting and Proofreading  Process takes 4 - 12 weeks BUT with the payment of this fee (FAST-TRACK REVIEW), the review, editorial decision, and author notification on this manuscript is guaranteed to take place within 2 weeks. This payment, however, IS NOT A PROMISE  on when the manuscript will be published. It is NOT a FAST PUBLICATION but it is just a FAST-TRACK REVIEW.


This is the name and bank account to transfer the fee:

Bank account Number: BTPN 90320065390

Name : Zakky Fahma Auliya

 *Please email your copy of the publication fee deposit slip to: