Pigouvan Tax as a Support System for Economic Development of Indonesia

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Mohammad Rizal Gaffar
Nugroho Hardiyanto
Wahyu Rafdinal


Industrial development is an important factor in measuring a country's economic development. On the other hand, the development of several industries today has had a negative impact on other industries. This situation results in the unequal economic development of the people, where some parties get bigger profits and other parties are forced to pay dearly for the profits that other parties get. This study aims to analyze the Pigouvian Tax is one of the effective answers to reduce the impact of negative externalities. This study uses data on negative externalities and Pigouvian Tax from books, the Internet, and literature related to the research topic. The result indicates that the Pigouvian Tax can be a medium for correcting negative externalities as a result of industrial activities in order to bring equitable economic development for all citizens of Indonesia.

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Gaffar, M. R., Hardiyanto, N., & Rafdinal, W. (2022). Pigouvan Tax as a Support System for Economic Development of Indonesia. Accounting and Finance Studies, 2(3), 131-140. https://doi.org/10.47153/afs23.4332022